Where are all the women? Good question.


In my humble opinion, all of the people testifying should have been women – and the fact that the Democrats managed to suggest one female – ONLY ONE – is equally disturbing.

As my feminist and pragmatic husband was heard shouting down the hall….”What is wrong with these idiots? ¬†Contraception is a world requirement to control population growth!”


3 thoughts on “Where are all the women? Good question.

  1. Financier Behind Santorum SuperPAC: In My Day, Girls Used Aspirin For Birth Control….

    Foster Friess, the conservative financier behind Rick Santorum’s super-PAC, was on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” a few minutes ago. Mitchell asked him whether he was concerned about Santorum’s stands on social issues, and their potential to alienate voters. Friess said…that he thought the social issues were a distraction, with so many people struggling financially — which is reasonable enough.

    Then he said this:

    “This contraception thing, my gosh, it’s [so] inexpensive. You know, back in my days, they’d use Bayer aspirin for contraception. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly.”
    that he thought the social…

    An actual comment in an interview! (Well, at least he got it right that this is all a smoke screen – sadly, all of the politicians are the ones smoking!)

    Gosh! Golly! Gee whiz!

  2. What are the politicians trying not to get us to talk about? Important things, I’m sure.

    Contraception is another Republican/Democratic smoke screen to get the sheeple to forget what we should be concentrating on – as a country and as a world.

    Shame on all of them.

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